There is no one-size fits all in the field of Information Technology. As I’ve stressed before, there are lucrative careers behind every door, if you’re willing to put in the work. In the spotlight is Shannon Fritz, a Solutions Architect @ Concurrency, a Microsoft solutions consulting firm.

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See his recent security talk here:

When new things enter your enterprise, don’t wait for someone to train you. If you’re serious about your career, your earning potential and most of all, your ability to remain calm in what could be a stressful situation, then know your work environment and know it well. It’s that simple. You’ll find your value at your present employer increasing, you’ll become more confident in your abilities and you’ll become more marketable to future employers. If your company provides highly valuable training and your day-to-day is cut and dry, then I guess I’m not speaking to you. I am speaking to those of you working in environments that lack resources. Find free training or possibly an affordable subscription based service, if it’s worth it. If it’s software, see if you can obtain a trial version to practice on. Lastly, it almost goes without saying, make sure you read the vendor’s documentation.

A very informative and entertaining Ted Talk about both the positive and negative world of hacking. If you’ve never seen it, set about 20 minutes aside, watch it and thank me later.

The name says it all! Find an open source project to contribute, no matter your language of choice. Contribute to DevOps tools, package managers, or your favourite programming language.

It’s true. If you’ve earned your MCSA in Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2012, Cloud Platform or Linux on Azure, then you’re one exam away from earning MCSE: Cloud Platform and Infrastructure. In the past, most MCSA’s were required to pass three exams to obtain an MCSE. That adds up to a lot of time and money. It also looks like this offer will expire by the end of the year. See the “Certification Exams and Prep Resources” area. Leveling up from MCSA to MCSE could be the difference in landing the job you want or being looked over for a more qualified candidate.

Definitely a valuable skill for developers and sysadmins alike. Knowing how to navigate the Linux command line well, can set you apart from your peers. Doing so will require more than memorization, you’ll need to spend sometime at a Linux terminal. Sure, you can download and install one of many Linux distributions available on the web or you can try a fun alternative like OverTheWire: Bandit It’s a fun, series of challenges that will improve your skills at the Linux command line along the way.

If you want to ensure the language you’re learning is being used in today’s job market, the TIOBE Index is likely your most reliable source. If you’re heading to college, don’t worry, any reasonable STEM program teaches languages like C, C++, Python, C# and/or Java. Even today’s popular coding bootcamps, cover TIOBE ranked languages like Python, Ruby and JavaScript.

The number of services on demand in 2017 continue to grow. If you’re not completely familiar with the term “Everything on Demand” or feel that it’s a trend that has seen better days, read more about it at CEB Gartner. Companies like Uber, Lyft, Airbnb, AmazonFresh and Upwork continually find ways to meet consumer’s on-demand needs. Think about this, audio then video became on-demand years ago, now services like Amazon Prime and Netflix are accessible from just about any device you own. Try convincing these technology giants that “Everything on Demand” is a dying trend. The only question is “What’s next?”.

With all the hype about mobile apps, software, self-driving cars…one might think that software development is the only tech job in demand. Not the case. Why? Because applications do not earn money by operating in a vacuum. They must be deployed and used by others to be useful and profitable. This is were jobs like Database Administration, System Administration and Network Administration step in and that’s just naming a few. With a completely different entry process than a software development career and a few years of experience, these career paths can become very lucrative. 20 of the Best Tech Jobs in the Country

Hopefully, I can narrow your search for an exciting open source Ruby project that can either help you level up your skills or keep you up-to-date with the language’s latest trends. If not, I’m sure my links can lead you to some interesting projects in other languages as well.

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